How to Find Quality Leather Bags?

Hello readers, this is my second article on this website. I hope this article has at least been published. My first article is still waiting. In this article, I want to tell my readers the tips for finding high-quality leather bags.

I) Rough Edges:

One of the important features of leather bags is that the edges of the bag are rough

2) The texture of the bag:

First of all, we need to understand what is leather? It’s animal skin. Animal skins will not be as perfect as photos. Therefore, the texture of the bag will be different.

3) Impression Test:

Feel the touch of the leather with your hands. When you press the original bag, you get a feeling of elasticity.

4) Water test:

The dermis absorbs water, but not water.

5) Watch the test:

If you put that bag on a surface, if it’s strong, it’s real. The faux leather bag will be very flexible, lose its structure and not be firm. The posture of the faux leather bag will be bent and fragile.

6) Zipper Test:

The zipper of the real bag, the zipper that opens the bag is smooth, if it is fake leather, it is very hard.

7) Odor Test:

The last tip for finding a good quality leather bag is to feel the smell of original leather.

8) The label of the leather bag:

If it is a genuine leather bag, it will be marked “Full-Grain”, which is the best leather quality, but counterfeits will be marked as “made of full grain leather”, which can be interpreted as being used as part of the product Made of leather.

9) Stitching and Lining:

The stitching and lining of the real bag is perfect, but if it is a fake bag, the stitching and lining will have many flaws

10) Learning price:

There is no way to negotiate leather products. Most leather products are usually priced in stores. Because retailers don’t sell high-quality products with lower profit margins.


I hope I have provided some insights about leather bags and shared my knowledge about buying genuine products. These tips and tricks will come in very handy when you are looking for high quality leather bags in Chennai and the surrounding areas of Chennai. Use these tips to find and buy high-quality leather bags and leather products.

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