Inflatable Mattress Buying Guide and Tips

When buying a high quality queen size air mattress, do you know the features, specifications, brand or suitable price range? There are several factors to consider. There are many air mattress manufacturers and products just waiting to meet your sleeping comfort needs. Deciding on the best way to evaluate and select the air mattress that’s right for your situation can be a tricky business. This article will serve as a variety of buying guides to help you navigate your way through the portable air mattress purchase process.

Do you already know how you will use your air cushion?

As standards of comfort and reliability increase, air mattresses have become more and more versatile. Therefore, people use these beds to meet different resting needs. Depending on the level of use and the environment in which the air mattress will be used, your choices may be limited. Some people need an air mattress every now and then, such as if you have guests on vacation or need a makeshift bed while moving. In these cases, you don’t have to be so special in the choice. If, on the other hand, you only use the mattress repeatedly during camping, or even as a fixed bed, you pay extra attention to durability and structure.

Who needs a built-in pump?

The method of inflation/deflation will also affect your choices. If you don’t mind storing and using an external air pump, a manual inflatable bed can meet your needs. The disadvantage is that it takes a lot of effort to expel all the air and to store these air mattresses. In contrast, a large air cushion with a built-in electric air pump is usually fully inflated and deflated within minutes. In addition, it is not necessary to store the pump with each use, which is a great advantage.

The height of the bed is important for some people

Many people opt for a raised air mattress instead of an air mattress closer to the floor, which makes it easier to get in and out. The difference between an 18 to 22 inch raised air mattress and a traditional low-to-floor air mattress is huge. Especially if you have a health problem that requires you to pay extra attention to conditions that affect your knees and back.

Comfort is important

Comfort is determined by the structure of the mattress. By using different air chambers, you can adjust the comfort level to your liking. With traditional inflatable beds, you may not be able to adjust the comfort level, so before purchasing your inflatable bed, which is more important than comfort or convenience, please understand this first.

Mattress surface 101

Many air mattresses have massive material on the top surface of the air mattress, rather than just exposed plastic. The purpose of flocking is to prevent it from sliding on the mattress. However, this also helps keep your bedding in place, rather than keeping your body away from the cold floor. Here, high-quality mattresses can work wonders and provide extra warmth and comfort.

Different price points for different features

As with most consumer purchases, the price will fluctuate with the quality of the air mattress you choose. Prices range from as low as $20 to as high as several hundred dollars. In general, high-quality air mattresses are made of stronger materials, which can help provide stability and limit stretching and leakage. If your needs are more basic, a lower price portable air mattress shouldn’t be a problem.

Finding the perfect queen size air mattress for your situation isn’t necessarily a difficult task. While everyone has different needs, a little thought and research will help you find a satisfying queen size air mattress.


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