Banggood App 5.21.0 Makes You Enjoyable in Easy Online Shopping

Hi there! Every Banggood follower! Have you discovered anything new in the Banggood app? Tired of the old pages of the application? Whether you do it or not, I want to share some good news with you. To bring you a brand new shopping experience and prepare for the Black Friday discount, Banggood’s technical team is doing its best in function and user page optimization.

According to the responsible of the technical team of Banggood, they will upgrade the application once a week. And before any upgrade to the app, they will consider its usability as they strive to make it one of the most popular discount shopping apps.

Last week, the app launched a new feature – group purchases, which won the favor of Banggood fans. Not only that, it also attracted a lot of new users to the app.

What are the app upgrades this week? Let me show you that it has redesigned the “Place Order” page to bring you a brand new visual experience when you use the app. With the continuous changes in social culture and fashion trends, people pay more and more attention to the beauty and convenience of app pages, because beautiful pages not only provide a good visual experience, but also make it easier for users to use and let them use the app more for happy shopping.

After upgrading the app to version 5.21.0, you may find many changes on the new order page. It not only simplifies the page to make it more suitable for modern aesthetics, but also simplifies many settings to make it easier for users to complete orders.

In addition to new upgrades in the application, it still retains the original smart features including smart sale notifications, smart recommendation mechanisms, free shipping, multiple payment methods, apps only, coupon centers, etc. Combined with these smart features, it can bring you a more relaxed shopping experience . In the coming days, APP will launch more exciting upgrades to make shopping easier.

Based on what I’ve mentioned, would you like to check out or use the application? If so, take action to upgrade it to the latest version. If you are not yet a user of this app, you can download it for free in the APP store or Google. To your surprise, once you become a new user of the app, you can get a 10% discount. Put it down quickly and enjoy the shopping fun with Banggood app.

Banggood App 5.20.0 Brings You to The New Shopping Experience

The Banggood app is one of the best shopping apps that aims to provide you online shopping services. The good news is here. Upgrade to version 5.20.0, I think it will bring us a more convenient shopping experience. Now let me show you the new features of this shopping app.

With the group purchase feature, you can save more

The first new feature you might love is that it adds discounts meaning a brand new promotion will be available to you. Therefore, in a new way, you can buy more goods without spending too much money. In addition to inherent promotional activities such as coupons, flash sales and exclusive APPs, it also provides you with group purchase features. In other words, you can buy products at economical prices through group groups. Once you have 2 participants in your group, you can unlock the discounted price. But it can only invent new users to join the group. For more detailed information about the usage rules, please visit the Banggood app.

Bug fixes and performance improvements ensure a smooth and safe shopping environment

The second new upgrade added by Banggood is bug fixes and performance improvements to make sure you have a smooth and safe shopping environment. Once you make a mistake while shopping with this application, it can quickly fix the error and keep you away from application crashes and other unpleasant experiences that you often experience when using other shopping applications.

Let us enjoy a new shopping experience with Banggood

Besides these two great upgrades, Banggood also has some great features and functions including smart sales notifications, smart recommendation mechanisms, free shipping and multiple payment methods, apps only, coupon centers, etc. All these combine to bring you a new application that gives you a brand new shopping experience at Banggood guarantees.

What it comes down to:

In summary, the Banggood app 5.20.0 can provide you with more convenient and valuable shopping services. If you are already a user of this app, please upgrade to version 5.20.0 soon and enjoy the brand new experience that the new features bring. If you’re not a user yet, just download it from Google Play or App Store. After you become a user of the Banggood app, you can get a 10% discount coupon. So try it now.

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